With an exhaustive understanding of the rock voice,  we are committed to helping you sing and scream with confidence.

Extend Your Range

Belt Effortlessly

Scream Without Strain

We Take the Mystery Out of Rock Vocals

Targeted, time-tested, and proven rock vocal techniques 
Courses taught by professional rock vocalists
20+ years experience teaching and singing rock
Over 95% of students notice immediate results

Singing and screaming should be effortless.

We show you how to do it right.

Comprehensive Approach

Complete instruction on how to sing rock. Eliminate pain and fatigue and strengthen your voice.

Detailed Demonstration

Shape your sound rather than push for it. We show you how to sing with power and endurance.
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Write your awesome label here.

Targeted Vocal Workouts

We'll help you master the simple and effective techniques specifically designed for rock and metal vocals.

Sing with Confidence

No more guesswork! Just follow the step-by-step training and feel confident in your voice.

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HEAD instructor

Draven Grey

Draven Grey, founder of Rock Singing Lessons, has been singing and performing for over two decades. As a Rock Singing Coach, he covers the depths and challenges of rock & metal vocals. As a rock singer and TVS Certified Instructor, he has an exhaustive understanding of the rock voice and knows how to get students to sing with power and control. He'll show you, step-by-step, how to achieve vocal mastery for yourself.
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